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Learn the underlying psychology and sociology that guides user design for making a system interface usable.

Led by a multi-disciplinary team of instructors from industry, business, and academia, you will learn research techniques and best design practices to guide user-focused design. If you are looking to add or enhance UX skills to support your current role, trying to bring UXD into your organization, or considering the field of UX as a new career, this course is for you.

Program Details


User Experience isn’t just about making interfaces “easy and engaging to use” – it’s about business. As expectations for mobile, web and interactive experiences continue to rise, successful companies are no longer viewing UX as a nice-to-have, side-priority initiative. They have embraced UX as a fundamental strategy to achieve their business goals. To create truly successful and engaging experiences, businesses must understand their users’ needs and motivations and be able to align those to the goals of the business. This growing strategic UX mindset has evolved alongside recent discussion in the UX industry around Agile/LeanUX thinking and practice. This is in part a recognition that the pace of business, and the UX methods that inform it, are evolving quickly. To keep up with the competition, flexible and pragmatic approaches to advancing UX are often required. Today, the market for UX skills has never been greater, as more companies begin to realize the importance of hiring UX professionals.

You will ‘learn by doing' in a highly interactive team environment that progresses throughout the week, enabling you to practice the techniques with direct coaching from instructors. You will leave the course thinking differently, with the knowledge of how to apply UXD into your business using methods that are immediately transferable to your daily job. Students have the option of signing up for an additonal assessment portion to the course, which will enable students to receive a letter grade they can apply to the Masters in Business and Science (MBS) UXD concentration offered at Rutgers. Click the "Pathway Opportunities" tab below.


Who Should Attend

This program is designed for a wide variety of professionals, including business analysts, market researchers, project managers, software engineers, programmers, designers, executives/managers from IT, Marketing and Business. Anyone involved in the design and development of software, products, and services can benefit from this course. It assumes no prior background in psychology, sociology, human factors, or the disciplines that form the basis for the course content.


Skills You Will Aquire

This course provides lecture and project based instruction. Over a fun and intense six-day course, you will form project teams to tackle a unique and interesting business objective. Immersed in an actual business project environment, complete with client stakeholders and deliverables, you and your team will directly apply course principles to your project. Each course project uses real-world examples: students will work with both actual physical products as well as building a supporting online property. Ultimately, whether you are developing a product, a web interface, a mobile app, or a new workflow, this course will “weaponize” you with the skills you need to ensure the experience you create supports the bottom-line business goals.


Program Outline

Program Outline

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Our program is composed of lectures and a project organized into five primary themes areas drawn from real world sceneros using examples from actual projects.

Theme 1: Introduction to UXD

Topics include User Research the UXD Lifecycle.

Theme 2: Design

Topics include Visual Design Interaction Design Design Studio.

Theme 3: Prototyping

Learn common prototyping techniques such as Lean UX Building using Balsamiq .

Theme 4: Usability Testing

Explore usability studies including prototyping with software toolkits and analyzing usability study results.

Theme 5: Accessibility and Evangelization

Learn how to design for accessibility and how to evangelize helping your organization strategize with proper UX design.

Key Take-aways

our advantages

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Organized for success.

Our program is composed of lectures and a project organized into five outcomes. It draws on examples from real projects, told firsthand by instructors who have brought UXD to all stages of Product and Software Development.

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Pathway Opportunities

Enjoy just this course, take additional courses or pursue a Masters Degree. We have the right pathway option for you. Click the "Pathways" button below to learn more about our follow-on courses and certificate / degree options available in User Experience Design.

Register Pathways


Karin Steiner

“The Rutgers UXD program offers a great balance of theory and practice for those interested in an immersive experience that simulates Agile/Lean UX product development. It covers contextual inquiry, prototyping, usability testing, how to evangelize for UX, and everything in between. Students work in teams to develop an actual product prototype, practicing what they've learned in lectures. The program is intense but exhilarating, and even seasoned professionals will walk away having learned something they can apply to their jobs.”

Karin Steiner

Senior UX Designer, Datto, Inc.

Michele Lincoln

“The UXD courses at Rutgers are not only a game-changer, but for me, they were a career changer. Ronnie presents the UXD principles in a way that they can easily be put into practice with real-world, relatable examples and that compel one to think about their business in a fresh, new way. I would recommend the UXD mini-master's program to anyone who is serious about building intuitive, helpful solutions and I would recommend Ronnie as an instructor to anyone who enjoys learning from someone who truly cares about student success.”

Michele Lincoln

Associate Director, Novartis

Enrique Sallent

“The class follows the format of a real-life user research study, giving the student a good sense of what to do once outside the real world. “

Enrique Sallent

User Experience Manager, TD Ameritrade

Karyn Liao

“As a new student in UXD, the courses in Rutgers provides me a great chance to start my education. The well-organized courses helped me to build up my knowledge of UXD. In the class, Ronnie gave us lots of examples and taught us how to use the knowledge into real practice. It was helpful for me, who has no related experience before. Moreover, Ronnie is not only a good instructor but also a charming speaker. His enthusiasm and professional knowledge is awesome! I am so glad that I joined the class!!”

Karyn Liao

Usability Research Intern at Scripps Network Interactive

Tasha Pruess

“David's fervent enthusiasm for Visual Design never wavered during the long weekends in which the class was held. He pushed me to do creative things that I had never done before. While some were more successful than others, I learned a great deal. He encouraged us to move outside of our comfort zones in order to explore other aspects of ourselves. He made Intro to Visual Design a journey and not just a required course in the UX concentration. Anyone who takes David's classes will have to work, but you will simultaneously have a lot of fun and learn a great deal.”

Tasha Pruess

Senior Analyst, MetLife

Anonymous Shadow Figure

If you want to have an edge over your competitors, go attend this course. It will help you think differently. Just out of context- Best course I attended at Rutgers so far. This is not just my feedback. This is what everyone had to say when I asked people who attended this last year.

Course Survey, October 2015

Anonymous Course Survey

Anonymous Bag Head

If you are OK with a team structure and working onsite on single project over 5 days, check out Rutgers' Intro to User Experience Design course. This intense, comprehensive course is led by experienced, knowledgeable, and personable instructors and guest lecturers, and covers topics crucial to those in, or considering working in, the UX design field.

Course Survey, October 2015

Anonymous Course Survey

Shopping Bag

I'd recommend this course to ANYONE - I said midweek I'd recommend this course to anyone, from IT to my VP of Marketing.

Course Survey, October 2015

Anonymous Course Survey

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