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UX STRAT 2014 Speaker Interview: Ronnie Battista

UX STRAT 2014 Speaker Interview: Ronnie Battista
24 Aug

UX STRAT 2014 Speaker Interview: Ronnie Battista

Hi Everyone,

I am publishing a series of interviews between UX STRAT organizer Paul Bryan and people who will be speaking at UX STRAT 2014 (for more information, visit our website: Today, I’d like to share a short interview with Ronnie Battista. Ronnie is a senior UX executive with over 18 years experience and is a UX Practice Lead at Slalom Consulting. He has also served in many UX leadership positions at Accenture, Dun and Bradstreet, Gextech (Spain), and MISI Company.

Join us for UX STRAT 2014 so you won’t miss out on Ronnie’s talk!

Paul: Tell us a little about yourself.

Ronnie: I’m from the ‘real’ Jersey Shore, which is where I spend most weekends (Snookie-free). I enjoy listening to the Beastie Boys when I mow the lawn.

Paul: What will you be speaking about at UX STRAT 2014?

Ronnie: I will be speaking about the current existential debates about nomenclature and present a possible solution to unite us all.

Paul: Can you tell us a little more about your talk?

Ronnie: Though the title is ‘Big Love: The Case for Conscious Coupling in UX Strategy” any similarity to an HBO series about Polygamy is purely coincidental, and there will only be a fleeting mention of Gwyneth Paltrow. And it’s only about 69% serious, which is probably important.

Paul: What can you tell us about your recent work, particularly as it pertains to strategy?

Ronnie: We’ve been doing some really interesting work with Journey Mapping in retail and subscription based companies. Having a seat at the C-table in this field is inspiring and energizing.

Paul: What do you see on the horizon for UX/CX/Product/Service design Strategy?

Ronnie: We’re in an interesting time. I can’t say I know anything more then a belief that change is coming as more businesses see what we bring to the table. The tactical work we do will continue to shift to ‘Non-UX’ specific resources (e.g. BA’s) and software (e.g. UserZoom) that can do our work quicker and cheaper. Regarding strategic work in this space, I think the word “User” is likely on it’s way out.

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