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David B. Ogunrinde

David B. Ogunrinde

David is the Creative Director at Inkroots with 10 years experience as a graphic designer with specialty in brand identity& position.

Experience:10 Years

Specialties:Brand Strategy, Brand Design

passions:Great Design


David B. Ogunrinde's Full Bio

Simply put, I love the language of great design! I've been using pictures to say a thousand words for over 10yrs as an experienced Creative Director, Graphic Designer, and Marketing/Communications professional, with industry-varied experience. The passion for strategy and the creative process fuel me in the development of new meaningful identities and the revitalization of existing ones. From ideation through to execution, be it paint or pixels, I'm immersed. Showing up with a curious mind, a willing heart, and able hands ensure that each solution I deliver makes an impact; establishing identities for my clients that leave unique footprints in the marketplace. My enjoyment of this industry renders me an eternal student of it. I'm inspired by it as much as I look to influence it. Effective visual communication and marketing is an essential business practice; and it's a job I love to do. Specialties: Brand Identity Strategy, Design & Development, Marketing & Positioning Strategy, Brand Equity Management Experience: Creative Director, Inkroots since January 2010. Prior to Inkroots, served as Marketing and Design Lead for Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson responsible for the discovery, design, and delivery of end to end marketing and communication solutions for the Information Technology organization at Ethecon.


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