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Kel Smith

Kel Smith

Kel is an independent consultant and speaker serving Fortune 500 companies and top organizations around the globe.

Specialties: Emerging health IT products for disability sector


Kel Smith's Full Bio

Kel Smith is a longtime speaker, author and practitioner on digital accessibility. His client engagements include Kestrel-Boeing, YellowBook, Google, Merck, MISI Company, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Analgesic Solutions, AXIOM Healthcare and the U.S. Federal Government. Kel's articles and papers have been published or cited in the Pentagon Library, Springer-Verlag, American Law Institute, American Bar Association, International Journal of E-Politics, Kent State’s Knowledge Management Program, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, E-Access Bulletin and UX Magazine. Kel’s presentations include four appearances at the CSUN Conference for Persons with Disabilities (San Diego), two stints for the World Future Society (Boston and Vancouver), the Royal National Institute of the Blind (London), the Interaction Design Association (Savannah and Dublin), the Unitech ICT Network (Oslo), the MAXIMUS Center for Health Literacy (Washington DC), the Society for Technical Communications (Sacramento) and the Universitat Autònoma (Barcelona). His accessibility blogs are and


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