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Lisa Woodley

Lisa Woodley

Lisa is Vice President of Experience Design at NTT Data with over 15 year of experience in branding and marketing.

Experience:15 Years

Specialties:Branding and marketing


Lisa Woodley's Full Bio

Lisa Woodley has been leading customer experience, branding, and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies for more than 15 years. Her work is based on the idea that, in the most successful interactions, form serves function. Copy and design are transparent. Only the emotional connection and desired actions are seen. In her current role as Vice President of Experience Design at NTT Data, Lisa applies her deep understanding of branding and marketing to the design of the employee experience. By viewing the employee as a customer, and approaching the employee experience from a branding and marketing perspective, Lisa has successfully developed targeted and highly effective employee engagement and change management campaigns for clients such as DuPont, PwC, Merck, Pfizer, and GSK. Prior to joining NTT Data, Lisa was the Director of Creative for Rosetta Marketing where she lead award-winning interactive campaigns for pharmaceutical brands such as Famvir, Zelnorm, Ambien, and Plavix.


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