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Marilyn Tremaine

Marilyn Tremaine

Our mentor, our inspiration, Marilyn developed the Rutgers UX program 10 years ago. Simply, she is regarded as one of the global experts in UX, helping develop ubiquitous inventions such as the computer mouse.

Experience:38 Years


Marilyn Tremaine's Full Bio

Dr. Marilyn Tremaine, now rertired, was a Research Professor at Rutgers University where she had joint appointments in the College of Communication and Information and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prior to Rutgers University, she was a Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Toronto and prior to that, a Professor in the University of Michigan Business School. Her practical experience includes being Vice President of Product Development for three software startup companies and a Senior Research Scientist at the EDS Center for Applied Research. Dr. Tremaine is particularly known for her work on collaborative software. Dr. Tremaine co-founded ACM-SIGCHI and has served as SIGCHI's Vice-President of Communications, Vice-President of Finance, Vice-President of Conference Planning and most recently, President of SIGCHI. She chaired the CHI ‘86 Conference on Human Factors in Computing, the CSCW ‘92 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, the ASSETS 2000 Conference on Assistive Technology and the CUU 2003 Conference on Universal Usability. Dr. Tremaine has served on six technical journal editorial boards and is the recipient of two University teaching awards. She has given multiple tutorials at the CHI and CSCW conferences and has been an instructor of short courses in User Experience Design at the University of Michigan for many years. Dr. Tremaine is also the recipient of the ACM SIGCHI lifetime service award, the CHCSS Lifetime Career Award, the UPA Lifetime Career Award, and an Apple Design award.

Marilyn now enjoys her retirement, living in Princeton and spending time providing catering for political fundraisers.


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