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Reverend Bouchard

Reverend Bouchard

Strictly a "Persona", Reverend Bouchard is a UX evangelist. Fortunately for us, we only show some videos.

Experience:135 Years

Specialties:Evading law enforcement

passions:Preaching the gospel of UX

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Reverend Bouchard's Full Bio

The The Reverend Bouchard is is a well known Xvangelist in the UX community.  His very popular YouTube channel has at least two subscribers (including family).   That's why its his favorite website (if we were experts in UX, we wouldn't need to add a hint to click the button above).

The Reverend is also a game show host, preacher, humanitarian. NOTE: Da Rev hates tweetin. He only does does his tweetin when drinkin' so y'all don't get too serious. 


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