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Tobias Komischke

Tobias Komischke

Tobias is Director of User Experience at Honeywell with a specialty in Human Factors Engineering

Experience:15 Years


Tobias Komischke's Full Bio

Dr. Tobias Komischke has been working in the area of user experience for over 15 years. During that time, he has led projects and teams to create user interfaces of superior usability and compelling appeal in various industries. Tobias is Director of User Experience at Honeywell and has worked for Infragistics and Siemens before. While he is deeply familiar with most aspects of user experience, his specialty is Human Factors Engineering which is rooted in his academic background in cognitive psychology. An acknowledged evangelist for user-centered design strategy, methods and processes, Tobias is a frequent speaker at conferences and author for technical journals, magazines and blogs.


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