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Rutgers UX Support Center

Browse our answers to common questions. If you still need help, please feel free to Contact Us.

If I park illegally, am I responsible for the ticket?

Most certainly.  Yes.  Absolutely. 

What other courses do you have?

Several!  See our pathways page from the main menu, or visit to see our complete catalog.

My company will not reimburse tuition paid by a credit card. What can I do?

If you prefer your company to be billed, please contact us and we will provide an invoice.

What are the prices of your programs, and are there any discounts?

Please visit each program page for prices.  In some cases, we offer discounts in conjunction with a promotion or advertising campaign.  If you received a "promo code", simply enter in the registration checkout page where indicated.  Your prices will be updated to reflect that particular promotion.

Are courses ever canceled for inclement weather?

First, and foremost, if you do not feel comfortable enough to drive, please don't! Classes are canceled when the university is closed; which is a rare event. Check website for weather updates and cancellations.  Information will be posted here.  You may also call our University Help Desk at 732-445-INFO. Please do not call the Rutgers University Police Department for closing or cancellation information.

Where are your offices?

Our administrative offices are located at 35 Berrue Circle, Suite 206, Piscataway NJ 08854 (Livingston Campus)

Can I purchase this program as a Gift Certificate for someone?

Absolutely. The gift of knowledge is one of the greatest gifts to give. Just contact us, and we’ll help you through the registration process, send you a personalized sample certificate and a Rutgers T-Shirt to wrap.

What should I do to prepare for my first UXD course?

You will receive an email about a week prior to the class start with additional information. The best thing to do now is to clear your work schedule for the week of the class to get the most out of the program. In general, no pre-class "homework" is required for the course unless you are taking the course as part of your MBS Master’s. In this case, the reading will be indicated on your Sakai course management system used for the course. However, if you want to read a relevant book before entering the course, we recommend: About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design by A. Cooper, R. Reimann and D. Cronin.

I'm already a Rutgers degree track student. How do I register for this course?

If you are already a Rutgers’ enrolled student, please register for this course through RU Webreg. The course number is 16:137:531.

Can I get University credit for the class?

It is possible for future credit. While we cannot guarantee credit will be accepted by other institutions, we have a decent success rate. Upon your request, we will provide you a letter acknowledging that you have taken the course and a transcript showing the letter grade you received. You must do all team assignments and final exam with the class you enrolled in order to receive a letter grade on the transcript.

Also, many of these courses are cross listed with the Rutgers Graduate School and routinely accepted for credit in the MBS program and many other degree programs. For example, if you decide to pursue a Master of Business & Science in UXD at Rutgers, credits will likely be accepted. Check with your advisor. NOTE: If you are already a Rutgers’ enrolled student, please register for this course through RU Webreg. This course number is 16:137:531.

I need wireless access during the class? Will it be available?

Wireless access is provided in most classrooms. However, we do not expect participants to be answering emails during the course time. There are breaks for surfing and home office communications.

I heard that this course has a final exam. Do I have to take it?

As a non credit registration, you only have to take the final exam and carry out the additional work assigned in the course if you wish to receive future credit such as our Master in Business and Science in Usability.

I already have a degree in Graphic Design. Do I really need this course?

Only a small part of this course is related to visual design. The course is intended to give an overview of the field and how each skill set interacts to produce high quality UX design. If you are considering taking advanced courses from Rutgers, you will not need the course in visual design.

I already build web pages. Do I really need this course?

Simply, YES!. This course will show you how UX fits into what you do. It is not focused on web page design but on User Experience design for all types of interfaces whether they appear on a lawn mower, a mobile phone, a medical device or a web page. When you finish the course, you will suddenly understand the many different facets of UX and how it fits within the entire strategy of your organization.

What do the follow-on UXD courses teach that I didn't learn in the base course?

In the initial course in UXD, we cover the entire process of good design beginning with user research and ending with prototype evaluation, but we do not teach any of the sub disciplines in detail. User Evaluation, for example, discusses web analytics, statistics, international user testing and eye tracking, none of which are covered in the first course. We also have some really cool courses in Design Thinking and Customer Exp Mgmt. See our full website at

I need to be in a four hour conference call on (Mon, Tue, Wed, etc.) Is this okay?

We can't say no, but the UXD courses are too intense for conducting personal work within the course time. In addition, you will be working in teams and your team mates will need your input and effort. We recommend scheduling the conference call at another time or taking the course at another time.

A last minute work/family/etc "thing" came up. Can I transfer my registration to the next class?

Yes. Just Contact Us three (3) days prior to class start. If less than three working days, Substitutions are permitted.

Do you offer a discount if several people from my company attend?

Absolutely! Discounts vary depending on number of employees. Contact Us. We also offer onsite training at your location.

Can I get a discount if taking more than one UXD course?

You bet. Our Certiciate Bundle includes this course, and your choice of two additional courses in the UXD program. This is our most popular option, plus you get a great looking certificate!

How are these courses related to the Masters Degree Rutgers offers in UXD?

The UXD courses are the same ones we require of our UXD Master’s students. They are in each course at a ratio of about 1 Master’s student to 4 professional education students. It is very likely that one of them will be on your project team. They enjoy the interaction with individuals already working in the area of UXD and almost all of them are part time students who also work. For those interested in the master’s program. For more information on a Master of Business & Science degree in UXD. See their website at

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